Friday, February 18, 2011

I Could Only Take a Few Hours of Medal of Honor

I finally got around to playing Medal of Honor yesterday and some today.  I wasn't expecting an awesome game, but I definitely expected more.  I could ony take a few hours of Medal of Honor before it really got on my nerves.  The game didn't feel like something from this generation.  The game felt really old, unpolished and annoying.  The textures were poor, teammate animations were clunky and the enemy AI wasn't very intelligent at all.  The environments were also terribly restrictive.  You could rarely move to where it looks like you should be able to.  I didn't play through the entire 6-hour campaign and don't plan to.  This game felt very average in almost every respect.  I played about 2 1/2 hours and that's definitely all I plan to play.  Fortunately, it was just a rental from GameFly and I really need to get it back in the mail to them ASAP.  If I had to give it a score based off my experience, I'd say somewhere in the ballpark of 4/10.  The story was good and the weapons were interesting, but those two factors aren't enough to keep me around for long.

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