Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Backlog Has Arrived at Demon's Souls

I've been working on my game backlog for a few weeks and it has now arrived at Demon's Souls.  I played a couple hours of it when the game first launched, but ended up moving to other games for some reason.  I now have plenty of time on my hands and am in the mood for a good challenge.  It's been a while since a game really challenged me, so I figured Demon's Souls would be the best route.  I'm not looking forward to the frustration it will cause me, but I am seriously looking forward to beating the game.  I miss the old days when beating a game came with a real sense of accomplishment.  Perhaps this game can bring back the old days for me.  The last time I really felt a real challenge with an RPG was with Unlimited Saga on the PS2.  Unfortunately, Unlimited Saga was a pretty bad game, but I've always heard great things about Demon's Souls.  I also wanted to go ahead and beat the game before Dark Souls hits shelves.

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