Friday, March 4, 2011

Killzone 3 Update On The Way

A fairly big Killzone 3 update is expected to go live later this week.  The patch fixes a bunch of issues with online play and should definitely improve the Killzone 3 experience.  I definitely can't wait for the 1.04 patch to go live.  It will include the following changes:

Network - Lag fixes and fixes for network errors 10002, 8001 and 8013
Gameplay - Players now have more stamina by default. Sprint length is increased but the recharge timer has been adjusted to compensate
Gameplay - Mortally wounded players no longer have collision. Alive players should now be able to traverse the levels without getting stuck on mortally wounded players
Gameplay - Medic’s revive cool-down reduced from 25 to 10 seconds
Gameplay - Increased range from where friendly players can be revived – player can be revived from 20 meters now
Gameplay - Guerrilla Warfare games now last 15 minutes and it takes 100 kills instead of 50 to win
Performance – Improvements to party creation server load
Menu - Show envelope icon to indicate that player has received message
Menu - Rewards panel in post game screen now auto-scrolls
Menu - Botzone is now paused when player goes to start menu
Menu - Single click squad invite
Menu - Enhanced idle detection code in menu, the player isn’t spawned if he’s still pressing buttons
Security - Several security, anti hack and cheat fixes

Via PlayStationLifeStyle

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