Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Backlog Has Arrived at Demon's Souls

I've been working on my game backlog for a few weeks and it has now arrived at Demon's Souls.  I played a couple hours of it when the game first launched, but ended up moving to other games for some reason.  I now have plenty of time on my hands and am in the mood for a good challenge.  It's been a while since a game really challenged me, so I figured Demon's Souls would be the best route.  I'm not looking forward to the frustration it will cause me, but I am seriously looking forward to beating the game.  I miss the old days when beating a game came with a real sense of accomplishment.  Perhaps this game can bring back the old days for me.  The last time I really felt a real challenge with an RPG was with Unlimited Saga on the PS2.  Unfortunately, Unlimited Saga was a pretty bad game, but I've always heard great things about Demon's Souls.  I also wanted to go ahead and beat the game before Dark Souls hits shelves.

Saints Row 3 Images Leaked on Net

Three images from Saints Row 3 have found their way to the internet.  While the images don't really tell us much, they are definitely interesting.  I'm really looking forward to Saints Row 3, especially since I feel like the series in more interesting than GTA.

Via Gamers Mint

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tron Evolution (PS3) Giveaway on Cocktails With Mom

If you still haven't picked up Tron Evolution for the PS3, I just came across an interesting blog that's giving away 5 copies.  Check out the contest HERE.

I've been interested in this game for a while, but it's still in "Low Availabiliy" on GameFly and I don't have the funds to purchase it at this time.  Hopefully I'll win this contest.  I just won a Boba Fett backpack from gamesradar, so maybe my luck is looking up.

Ryu Hadoken Cosplay Turbo

I just came across the best Ryu (Street Fighter) cosplay I have ever seen.  Check out the full gallery HERE.

I Could Only Take a Few Hours of Medal of Honor

I finally got around to playing Medal of Honor yesterday and some today.  I wasn't expecting an awesome game, but I definitely expected more.  I could ony take a few hours of Medal of Honor before it really got on my nerves.  The game didn't feel like something from this generation.  The game felt really old, unpolished and annoying.  The textures were poor, teammate animations were clunky and the enemy AI wasn't very intelligent at all.  The environments were also terribly restrictive.  You could rarely move to where it looks like you should be able to.  I didn't play through the entire 6-hour campaign and don't plan to.  This game felt very average in almost every respect.  I played about 2 1/2 hours and that's definitely all I plan to play.  Fortunately, it was just a rental from GameFly and I really need to get it back in the mail to them ASAP.  If I had to give it a score based off my experience, I'd say somewhere in the ballpark of 4/10.  The story was good and the weapons were interesting, but those two factors aren't enough to keep me around for long.

Blizzard Recruiting for Console Diablo III

It looks like the rumors that Diablo III will be coming to consoles is definitely true.  Blizzard recently posted a job listing looking for a Senior Producer to work on "Console Diablo III".  I'm not sure how well Diablo will work on consoles, but it will definitely be interesting...

"Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a highly organized individual with outstanding communications and project management skills for the Diablo team. The ideal candidate has prior experience in console game development and has a keen knowledge of how each discipline operates and interacts. Self-direction and follow-up skills are a must, as well as the ability to anticipate production issues and find effective solutions. The candidate must be fully committed to seeing projects through from inception to completion, and delivering games on time with the highest quality."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Killzone 3 Single Player Demo Impressions

I finally had the chance to sit down and check out the Killzone 3 Single Player Demo and I can say that I'm definitely impressed with what I saw for the most part.  Killzone 2 only kept my attention for about a month after I picked it up, but I'm hoping 3 will keep me interested longer.  I came away from the demo feeling like it will probably be a much better game than what we find in Halo or Call of Duty.  Even with an impressive demo, I'll probably not get the game until it's been out a month or two.  The main reason for that is my game backlog is continually growing and I'm honestly not in a rush to get into Killzone 3.

Here are the main points I came away from the demo with:

  • The graphics are definitely more impressive than the original.  If the entire game looks like the demo, we're looking at a game that will be visually grand. 
  • Jetpacks are definitely cool, but I'm not sure how they will be incorporated with multiplayer.  While it's a cool idea, jetpacking in the air is just an easier way to get hit.  
  • I ran out of ammo once during the demo and had to rely on melee attacks to get me to the next area.  While fortunate for me, I came away from it feeling like melee attacks are still way too powerful.
  • The enemy AI seemed a little too easy and predictable.  I was hoping for a smarter enemy this time around.  
  • Even though the demo was just a short preview, it was a lot of fun and filled with fast-paced action. 
  • All in all, the demo leads me to believe that this game will be much better than Killzone 2.  This game might also finally get me to purchase PlayStation Move.   

Top 5 Nintendo DS Games (So Far)

The Nintendo DS has been around long enough for its library to become impressive.  There's certainly more bad games than good, but a few DS titles really stand out as excellent games.  I decided to narrow down my favorite gams into a "Top 5" list.  Here are the greatest DS games (so far):

Resistance 3: New Gameplay Video (YouTube)

New gameplay footage from Resistance 3 has surfaced and it looks pretty good.  The person who recorded the video obviously doesn't know how to play well, but it's still a good look at the game.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mirror's Edge 2 Project Cancelled

Mirror's Edge was a game that didn't have stellar sales, but it was a unique title with a lot of potential.  I was looking forward to an improved Mirror's Edge 2, but Electronic Arts has announced that they are stopping development on the project.  They apparently cancelled the project after early builds of the game were considered "dissappointing" by the company.  

Apparently DICE had a small team of people working on Mirror's Edge 2 since November, 2010.  It's a real shame that the prototype wasn't up to snuff.

Via bit gamer

Monday, February 14, 2011

Halo: Reach 'Defiant Map Pack' Coming in March

For some reason, I haven't been playing Halo: Reach as much as I played past titles in the Halo series.  Even though my interest in Halo has dropped some, I'm still looking forward to playing the new Defiant maps with friends.

The Defiant Map Pack will be available this march for 800 MS Points and will feature three new maps: Condemned, Highlands and Unearthed.  The new map pack will also include an additional 150 Gamerscore for you achievement hunters out there.  

Check out Destructoid for the video.

Footage of Crysis 2 Leaked

We all know that an unpolished version of Crysis 2 is all over the net for nefarious gamers to download.  Now leaked footage from the unfinished product has started to surface.  The following 25 minute video tells me that Crysis 2 will definitely be amazing.  If we're looking at an unpolished version, I can't wait to get my hands on the real thing.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why The Nintendo 3DS Might Fail

It's always tough to predict how well a Nintendo product will do in the market.  I predicted that the originl DS and the Nintendo Wii would be failures and I was obviously wrong about those.  While I think the 3DS might have some initital success (during the first few weeks), something tells me that it will be an overall failure.  Since the 1990s, I've purchased nearly every video game system at launch, but this is one launch I'll be skipping.  In a tough economy, I will be waiting on Sony's NGP and will make the choice between the two then.  Here are the five primary reasons I believe the 3DS might fail:

  1. The original DS was released back in 2004, yet Nintendo continually releases new and better models coaxing many gamers to upgrade after short periods of time.  In less than 7 years, we've seen the DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL and now the 3DS.  That's 5 systems in less than 7 years.  While I'm sure many gamers will pick up the 3DS at launch, I can assume that many gamers like myself will not because they are tired of frequently upgrading.  
  2. The PSP 2 aka "Next Generation Portable" has the making of an amazing handheld option.  While the PSP didn't come close to the DS, I think the NGP has a real chance, especially if Sony goes with an affordable pricetag.  
  3. So far, I am not impressed with the 3DS launch line-up.  I'm sure the games will get better with time, but it's definitely not looking promising from the start.  It looks like the best game at launch will be Ocarina (which is an awesome game), but I doubt too many people will be excited about playing a dated game that many people already have.  
  4. The 3DS has a battery life of 3-5 hours and I'm assuming that's "best case scenario".  The limited battery time is definitely something I'm not very impressed with.  
  5. The games might be priced a little high.  It looks like you will be abe to pick up most 3DS titles for around $40, but that's a little steep in this economy.  Many people are already invested in multiple systems and I'm not sure if they are going to bite on the 3DS with these higher prices.  

Mario Kart In Real Life

Have you ever wondered what Mario Kart in real life might be like?  The need to wonder is now over.  Check out the following awesome video:


Top Ten RPG Video Games of All-Time

I've spent a good chunk of my life playing RPGs. JRPGs and Western RPGs are certainly my favorite game genres. Before you start complaining about the fact that Fallout 3 and Mass Effect are nowhere to be found on my list, you need to realize that neither game is really an RPG. Both are closer to action and FPS, so that is why I excluded them from my picks.